Essure Permanent Sterilization

Essure® Hysteroscopic Tubal Occlusion for Permanent Birth Control

If your family is complete, you may be ready to take a closer look at your permanent birth control options. Permanent birth control is an excellent choice for women who want to enjoy the next stage of their lives without worrying about unplanned pregnancy. Essure® is a permanent birth control procedure that that doesn’t require surgery, hormones, or extended downtime for recovery.

What is Essure®?

Essure® hysteroscopic tubal occlusion is the only non-surgical permanent birth control available. In the past, permanent birth control procedures could only be performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. Dr. Rose performs the Essure® procedure in the comfort of our office in less than an hour. Most women can return home immediately afterwards and resume normal activities in one to two days.

Trusted by nearly 750,000 women and their doctors, the Essure® procedure is covered by most health insurance plans. This surgery-free procedure is quickly becoming the gold standard in permanent birth control. Clinical studies have shown that Essure® is over 99% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancies. Women who choose this procedure never have to worry about birth control again.

How does the Essure® procedure work?

During the procedure, Dr. Rose places small inserts inside the fallopian tubes using the body’s natural pathways. No incision is required. Over a three-month period, these flexible inserts will form a natural barrier against pregnancy. While the barrier forms, you should continue using an alternative form of birth control.

Approximately three months after performing after the Essure® procedure, Dr. Rose will examine you to make sure that the fallopian tubes are fully blocked. After receiving confirmation, you can rely on Essure® for permanent birth control. The natural barrier prevents sperm from reaching the egg, so conception never occurs.

What are the advantages of Essure®

Essure® is one of the most effective forms of permanent birth control available. The Essure® procedure does not require incisions or surgery. As a result, patients require very little recovery time. Unlike other birth control methods, Essure® does not contain hormones. The inserts will not interfere with your normal menstrual cycle or cause unwanted side effects.

How can I determine if Essure® is right for me?

If you are considering permanent birth control, the experts at Rose Gynecology can help you determine if Essure® is the right choice for you. To discuss your contraception options, simply schedule an appointment online or call our office at 513-321-7673.

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