Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) for Long-Term Birth Control

Are you looking for hassle-free birth control? If you’d like to prevent pregnancy for the next several years, long-term birth control could be the right choice for you. Condoms and birth control pills can fail. An Intrauterine device, or IUD, is a type of birth control that offers women greater protection from unplanned pregnancy.

What is an IUD?

An IUD is an effective, reversible form of long-term birth control. These tiny devices are placed in the uterus through the cervix. Depending on the type selected, IUDs can prevent pregnancy for five years or more. You can choose from hormonal IUDs or non-hormonal IUDs. Mirena® is an estrogen-free hormonal IUD that lasts up to five years. Paragard® is a non-hormonal IUD that lasts up to 10 years. Both types are over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

How are IUDs inserted and removed?

A doctor at Rose Gynecology will examine you to determine if it’s safe for you to get an IUD. If so, the IUD can be placed during a regular office visit. We can insert an IUD any time, but the best time is in the middle of your period when the cervix is most open.

At Rose Gynecology, your comfort during an IUD insertion is very important to us. Dr. Rose ensures this by performing a procedure called a paracervical block before the IUD is inserted. This procedure numbs the uterus, decreases cramping, and prevents pain that can occur during an IUD insertion. After the IUD is placed, you can return to your normal daily activities.

IUD removal is typically a routine procedure. After locating the strings, Dr. Rose will gently remove the device. A new IUD can be inserted or you can switch to another form of birth control. On the other hand, if you wish to become pregnant, you and your partner can try to conceive after you have had one menstrual cycle.

What are the advantages of IUDs?

After getting an IUD, you do not have to do anything else to prevent pregnancy. No condoms, injections, or daily pills. IUDs are over 99% effective for at least 5 years. The device will not interfere with sex or your daily activities. Hormonal IUDs such as Mirena® may also decrease menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding.

Are there other long-term birth control options?

Nexplanon® is a birth control implant that can be discreetly placed under the skin. This method of long-term birth control is 99% effective for up to 3 years. It works just like birth control pills, but you don’t have to remember to take it every day. Nexplanon® can be removed any time.

How can I determine if long-term birth control is right for me?

If you are considering long-term birth control, the experts at Rose Gynecology can help you determine if Mirena® or Paragard® is right for you. Request an appointment online or call our office at 513-321-7673 to schedule an appointment.

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